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Selling books, CDs, DVDs and games

Am I able to submit CDs, DVDs and Games with missing cases?

No, we cannot accept these items unless they are complete with all original inserts and documentation. Incomplete items will be recycled.

Can I add more Books, CDs, DVDs or Games to a completed trade?

Once you have completed your trade, you cannot add further items to it. If you want to send additional items then create a new order with a minimum value of £5.

Can I sell an item which doesn't have a barcode?

No, all items must have barcodes.

Can I sell brand new, unopened items?

Yes, but the offer will be the same whether the item is new or just simply a good used copy.

Do you accept Ex-Rental DVDs?

Unfortunately we cannot accept ex-rental or rental-only products. This is simply because it is virtually impossible for us to sell them on.

I have thousands of items, will you buy them off me?

We help many businesses sell books and other media in bulk. Contact us and we can discuss how to maximise your returns from used media.

I keep putting books in but you are not making offers on them, why?

Books which are more likely to be accepted are student textbooks, non-fiction and more generally books which were published within the last decade. Paperback fiction, especially if it is pre-2000 will have a very high percentage of rejections. We do make offers in every possible instance - we want to help you de-clutter as much as we can!

Is the total order value quoted what I will be paid?

Assuming all the items we are expecting arrive and are in good or better condition, we will send you a cheque for the full amount quoted. We inspect each item for damage, and reserve the right to reject items that don't pass the quality control guidelines outlined in our terms and conditions.

My barcodes are being recognised, but not accepted - why?

There are three possible reasons for this:-

  1. We already have too many copies of a given item at our warehouse.
  2. The item is too old, coupled with too little demand in the marketplace for the onward sale of the item. Paperback fiction, for example, and perhaps surprisingly, will mostly be rejected unless it is particularly modern.
  3. The item is already in your list, or you have already sent us this item in another list. We are unable to make offers on duplicate items. If you are a business customer with multiple identical items to sell please get in touch.

My barcodes are not being recognised - why?

There are two possible reasons for this:-

  1. We cannot find the item in our database. Please ensure you type in ALL the numbers below the barcode as illustrated below. Do not include any hyphens or spaces. example of a book barcode
  2. The barcode has been typed in correctly, but is not in our database. This could be because it is a promo CD, an over-laid barcode sticker from a shop such as HMV, rather than the original, or a Book Club book.

What about multiple copies of the same item?

You are only allowed to sell one copy of each item using

Our service is optimised for home use. If you are a business customer, please visit and recycling for ways that we can help businesses.

What CDs, DVDs and Games don't you accept?

Incomplete items/box sets. Blank CDs/DVDs. Free CDs, DVDs and Games – the type given away by magazines and newspapers. And of course, Pirate CDs, DVDs and Games. Our staff are trained to spot these and will destroy all pirate copies. We also reserve the right to take further action if we feel it to be necessary.

What happens to items that you reject upon arrival?

If you have sent us an item that is either unsellable, or that was unspecified in your list of trades, then we will recycle that item. We cannot return goods under any circumstances.

What's the minimum number of Books, CDs, DVDs and/or Games I can send to you?

There is no minimum number, but there is a minimum order value of £5 per trade.

Why would you reject a given book at your warehouse?

More detailed condition guidelines can be found in our Terms and Conditions but in summary:-
  • Books missing required supplements.
  • Books with taped covers or which are torn.
  • Spine damage.
  • Stickers on books that cannot be removed without damaging the items
  • Loose or missing pages.
  • Books with missing CDs or DVDs specified as included on the cover.
  • Study guides with the answers filled in.
  • Puzzle books which are partially completed.
  • Colouring books which have been partially coloured in.

You only accept "Good or better" condition books - what does this mean?

Good: A copy that has been read but remains in clean condition. All pages are intact and the cover is intact (including dust cover, if applicable). The spine may show signs of wear. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include "From the library of" labels.