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Any packing tips?

The key is not to have any “void” in the parcels. If you are unable to fill the box(es) you are sending then cut the cardboard boxes down so that the flaps are enlarged, but the box smaller.
  • Fill the box up leaving as even a top layer as possible.
  • Using a pencil mark the tallest point in the box and then mark all four sides of the box with this measurement.
  • Cut vertically down the corner folds until you arrive at the mark which represents the maximum height.
  • Fold the flaps over and cut off any excess so that the box folds evenly, Fold the flaps over and tape your box shut.
Remember, excessive “void” may result in your package rupturing in transit, and items may be lost or damaged.

How can I prove that I've posted my items?

When you take the parcel to your nearest Collect+ drop-off point, you will be given a receipt. You can use the code on this receipt to track your parcel here:-

How do I track my box(es)?

You can track your boxes on the Collect+ website:

Enter your unique tracking code. This can be found on the receipt which you were given at the drop-off point. The website will show the current status and tracking information for your box(es).

I am outside the UK, can I be a Zapper customer?

At the moment only residents of the UK can use this service.

Is it really FREE to send you my stuff?

Absolutely - all you will need to do is print out the Collect+ labels we provide and affix one to each parcel!

Is there a time limit on when I have to send out my items?

Once you have completed your trade your items must arrive at our warehouse within 30 days or the values of your Trade may be automatically revalued according to our current offers.

What if I forget to pack some of the items specified in my trade?

Get in touch with customer support. If you do not do so then the value of these items will be deducted from the total paid out to you upon receipt of your items. If you have forgotten a high proportion of items then this may delay payment to you, as the warehouse may assume that there are more items yet to arrive.

What if my box(es) get lost in transit?

You can track your box(es) using the tracking number on the receipt given to you at the Collect+ drop-off point. Go to Collect+'s tracking page at

You can also contact us and we can assist you with making a claim.

What is the maximum size of parcel or box I can send?

500mm x 300mm x 300mm and 10Kg.

Boxes larger or heavier than this may be rejected at the drop-off point.

When will my box be collected from the Collect+ drop-off point?

Your box(es) will normally be collected via courier the next working day after it is dropped off. If you drop your items off on a Monday, they will be collected on a Tuesday and so on. Boxes dropped off between Friday and Sunday will be collected on Monday.

Where are my shipping labels?

These labels will be automatically emailed to you once you have completed your trade. Please contact us if you do not receive them.